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Right Angle Shelf Brackets and Fixing Set – 4 Pieces – Including Screws and Wall Anchors – 5 x 9” (225mm x 115mm)


Gutter Cleaner Set with Scraper, Scooper, Pole, Mesh and Hooks

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Boot Cleaner Scraper Brush Stand with Fixings


Brackit Boot Cleaner Scraper Brush Stand Including Fixings – Heavy Duty – For Indoor and Outdoor Use – Suitable For All Shoe Sizes

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  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: Its 4 fitted brush heads – 2 at the side and 2 at the bottom of the stand allow easy cleaning on each side of the shoe. The narrow width enables an in-depth clean to effectively remove all dirt and mud. To maintain the boot cleaner, simply brush or vacuum all dirt in the area, you can also run the stand under water to clean the bristles.
  • LONG-LASTING: A strong and durable stand with 2 side flaps that allow you to hold the stand down without bending whilst cleaning your shoes. The stand itself is made of strong thick hardwood mounted onto steel frame for extra-strength and powder coated to avoid rust and corrosion. Its stiff high-grade bristles will provide continuous and consistent levels of cleaning.
  • VERSATILE: The perfect accessory to clean out mud and dirt, the Brackit boot cleaner is adapted to various shoes sizes and width. Works well on a variety of shoes type from classic flat sole, wellingtons, trainers, football boots, walking boots, safety boots and even pram wheels. Handy to remove dirt, mud, grit, snow, sand and general dust and debris.
  • EASY TO USE: Our Brackit set can either be mounted to the floor using the fixings provided or hung on a wall to provide neat storage when not in use. Its compact size (24 x 15.5 x 11.5cm) ensures it takes up a minimal amount of floor space.
  • EXTRA STABILITY: 2 foldable and strong side flaps are fixed on each side for stability and are folded up when stored away. Easy and convenient to use, the Brackit boot scraper is a must-have addition to any porch, hallway or garage.
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