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Blue Decorators Masking Tape – 48mm x 30m – 6 Roll Pack


White Masking Tape – 4 Pack – 2 Rolls 24mm X 48m & 2 Rolls 48mm X 48m

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Blue Decorators Masking Tape – 24mm x 30m – 8 Roll Bulk Pack


Brackit Blue Decorators Masking Tape 24mm x 30m; 8 Bulk Roll Pack – Easy Removal Sharp Finish For Painting Decorating or Arts
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  • PRECISION FINISH IS EVERYTHING : At Brackit we recognize that a roll of tape is an essential tool that shouldn’t fail. We aim to give you that precision finish everytime whether you’re painting a wall or windows edges through the perfect combination of adhesion and quality of crepe paper to construct the right masking tape so you can work with confidence.
  • JUST THE RIGHT LEVEL OF ADHESION : What we have developed for you is a Masking Tape that offers optimum adhesion onto various surfaces without leaving any residue when removed. It’s medium tack which means more suited to indoors painting, decorating, upcycling. That’s why we call it Decorators Tape!
  • SO EASY… to apply, to remove, to tear off, to peel off the tape (without ripping into pieces), to paint on, it’s simply brilliant!
  • BETTER VISIBILITY & COVERAGE: Being the thinner one from our range, 24mm to be precise makes it perfect when you need to use your skills for precision work to mask small/narrow areas. Also its dark blue colour gives a better contrast onto neutral surfaces and of course less room for error whilst painting. Each roll is 30 meters long the equivalent of 98 feet, that’s plenty to get you rolling.
  • SUPER HANDY : Don’t underestimate the power of masking tape, they are great for all sorts of jobs, that’s why our bulk pack of 8 rolls is great for protection and precision finish to give a fresher look to your room and furniture or to get creative whether it’s through spraying, emulsion, metal or gloss paint on painted or plastered walls, glass, metal, wood or glass, it’s amazing to see what can be achieved when you have the right tools in hand.
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